Let Nymeo Beat Your Rate by 1%*

Bring us your best interest rate offers, and we will beat it by at least 1%!* It’s a win-win!

Qualifying Loan Types Include:

Debt Consolidation
      Auto Loans
Recreational Vehicle
   Personal Loans
      Credit Cards


Just how much can you save?

How much you can save depends on what type of loan you are refinancing, how much you owe, and what interest rate you are currently paying. Here is an example of an auto loan financed at another financial institution. This individual borrowed $20,000 for 72 months at 5% and will pay approximately $3,184.35 in interest over the life of the loan. By bringing the loan to Nymeo and qualifying for our low rate of 2.99%, they will save approximately $1,311.91! Use one of our loan calculators to see how much you could save!


  Auto Loan Amount Loan Term Monthly Payment Interest Rate Total Interest Paid
Loan with Bank $20,000 72 months $322.01 5% $3,184.35
Refi with Nymeo $20,000 72 months $303.78 2.99% $1,872.44
        Total Savings $1,311.91

This example is for illustration purposes only. Each applicant’s situation is different.


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Stop paying big rates on loans. Put more money in your pocket today.

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Not all my qualify. Eligible loans include credit cards, auto loans, recreational vehicle loans and personal loans not financed by Nymeo. Nymeo membership required. Loan terms and conditions depend on credit worthiness and the borrower’s ability to repay. The year and value of collateral will be considered on collateral secured loans. Floor rates by credit tier and loan product type have been established so not all members may qualify for a rate lower than 1% of what they are paying. Offer valid until further notice. Additional terms may apply. 

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