To help you stay informed, we’ve put important resources, information and our latest updates right here in one place for our members and the community. Please check back often, as we update this page regularly. In addition, Nymeo has programs and services to support our members and the community facing financial hardships and crisis during COVD19. These resources can be found below.



Informational Articles & Videos

What to Consider Before Taking a Credit Card Cash Advance
As we look to manage our personal finances during the global COVID-19 crisis, many of us face uncertainty about how to cover costs for monthly living expenses. One “quick fix” that may be tempting is a credit card cash advance, especially in the face of unexpected income loss or emergency situations. Read more


Which bills to pay during the coronavirus pandemic – CNBC
Excerpt from CNBC, featuring GreenPath President & CEO, Kristen Holt, on which bills to pay during the coronavirus outbreak. April 1 is here. Meeting routine financial obligations, such as rent and student loan bills, will be a challenge for the millions of Americans who find themselves without a paycheck. Read more.


Coronavirus: Using The Government Stimulus Check from our partner GreenPath Financial Wellness.



Coronavirus: Utilities. Mortgage. & Student Loan Assistance from our partner GreenPath Financial Wellness.




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