Activate Your New Nymeo Credit Card

Nymeo recently launched a newly designed and enhanced Nymeo Visa Credit Card. This new credit card replaces the current Nymeo Visa Credit Card, which can no longer be used as of today, Monday, February 24th.

Details and important activation instructions have been mailed to all Nymeo Platinum Visa Credit Card holders. Card activation begins today, February 24th, 2020.

Your newly designed Nymeo Visa Credit Card includes new benefits:

  • Convenience of contactless purchases! Just tap your new credit card at participating merchants to pay.
  • Secure digital wallet solutions such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Enhanced rewards program. Now get paid!
  • Coming soon: Improved online and mobile access.
  • Coming soon: Robust security and control features from your Nymeo App!

Here are things to consider about Nymeo’s new credit card:

  • Existing credit cards cannot be used on or after Monday, February 24th. Any transactions attempted on or after February 24th will be denied using your old credit card.
  • Your card will have a new security code and expiration date. Some cards also may have different card numbers. If you have automatic or recurring charges on your credit card, please be sure to provide merchants with the updated information.
  • If you have a joint cardholder or an authorized user for your credit card account, the same instructions will apply. Please share this information.
  • Please be sure to destroy your old credit card.
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