Visa Rewards

Fuel up! Stock up! Get rewarded!

Get rewarded by using your Nymeo Visa® Credit Card from now until September 30th! Credit Card Cardholders will earn a $25 statement credit when spending $1,250 on gas and/or groceries.

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Tell a Friend About Nymeo!

Know someone who would like to become a Nymeo member? Tell them about Nymeo, and then tell us! When your friend opens a new checking account with Nymeo, you BOTH will receive a thank you gift. Refer as many friends as you like.


Employee Spotlight

Meet Bethany!

For our next employee shoutout, we would like to bring attention to Bethany Braun from our Call Center! Bethany is known for her patience, professionalism, and her perpetual helpfulness. Join us in giving Bethany a huge thank you for everything she does!

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