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At Nymeo, we’re able to offer better loan rates than most banks can provide. How? It all comes down to our credit union status. Because we focus on people – not profits – we’re free to return any earnings right back to you in the form of lower rates on loans (along with higher rates on deposits, fewer fees and more). To put it simply: Banking with us just makes cents.

Loan Rates Effective: 9/29/22

Consumer Loan Rates 

New Vehicles (Refinance or Purchase, Model Year 2020 or Newer)
Loan TermAmountAPR* (As low as)
73-84 Months $25,000+ 5.24%
61-72 Months $15,000+ 4.24%
49-60 Months $10,000+ 3.74%
12-48 Months $5,000+ 3.24%

Used Vehicles (Refinance or Purchase, Model Year 2019 or Older)
Loan TermAmountAPR* (As low as)
61-72 Months $15,000+ 4.24%
49-60 Months $10,000+ 4.24%
12-48 Months $5,000+ 4.24%

Other Vehicles (Boats, Travel Trailers, Motor Homes, etc,)
Loan TermAmountAPR* (As low as)
121-180 Months $35,000+ 5.49%
85-120 Months $25,000+ 4.99%
61-84 Months $10,000+ 4.49%
12-60 Months $5,000+ 3.99%

Loan TermAmountAPR* (As low as)
61-72 Months $15,000+ 4.99%
49-60 Months $10,000+ 4.49%
12-48 Months - 3.99%

Personal Loan
Loan TermAmountAPR* (As low as)
6-48 Months $500+ 7.99%
49-72 Months $7,500+ 8.99%

Overdraft Protection
Loan TermAmountAPR* (As low as)
Revolving Line of Credit $250+ 10.00%

Share Secured
Loan TermAmountAPR* (As low as)
12-72 Months $250+ Current savings rate + 3.00%

Certificate Secured
Loan TermAmountAPR* (As low as)
Based on Current Certificate Up to Current Certificate Balance Current certificate rate + 3.00%

Share Secured Visa
Loan TermAmountAPR* (As low as)
Line Amount N/A 12.40%

*Annual Percentage Rate. Rates quoted are "as low as" and are subject to change without notice.  This page is updated frequently.  Approval and actual rate will depend on your credit history and loan term. The age of collateral securing the loan will impact the APR and term for the following loan types:  New and Used Vehicle Loans, Motorsports, Motor Homes, Travel Trailers and Boats.  




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