Protection from the Unthinkable

It’s never fun to plan for the worst, but those that do are thankful they did. That is why we offer our members Debt Protection, for when you need it the most. Debt Protection protects your loan and assets so you can protect your financial future!

In the event of death, disability or involuntary unemployment, Debt Protection could cancel your loan balance up to the contracts. Available for consumer loans, credit cards and home equity loans. Talk to your Loan Officer on how to get protected!

Debt Protection
In the event of...DeathDisabilityInvoluntary Unemployment
What Happens ... Protected borrower passes away. A covered disability occurs due to injury or illness. A covered job loss occurs.
It cancels this... up to the contract maximums Your payments or loan balance. Your loan payments. Your loan payments.
You may be eligible if you… Have an eligible loan. Are a permanent employee who is actively working.* Are a permanent employee who is actively working.* Are honorably discharged.

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