Nymeo is excited to provide Nymeo Offers, which will help members shop and save money every day at retailers they already love.

Which cardholders are eligible for Nymeo Offers?

All Nymeo Debit or Credit Card cardholders 18 years of age or older and opted into receiving Nymeo marketing communication are elgible to participate. 

Do you need to use a specific payment card?

It is up to you! You may use either a Nymeo Debit Card or Credit Card.

How do I learn about the Offers from retailers?

Nymeo will provide members about their customized offers via a personalized email and access to a portal.

Do you need to opt-in to receive offers?

No. Cardholders do not need to activate, enroll or opt-in to participate in Nymeo Offers. You simply shop at the retailer with your Nymeo card of choice! However, members must be opted into receiving Nymeo marketing emails. If you do not receive marketing emails and would like to be opted back in, please contact marketing@nymeo.org.

What kind of offers will I receive? How do I use it?

Offers will be from a wide variety of participating retailers you enjoy and may change from time to time. You just need to choose which offer to activate and then simply use your Nymeo card to pay in stores, online or using your mobile wallet.

How do I receive my reward?

After taking an offer, members can expect to see the cash-back incentive deposited into their account within 60 days. Accounts are determined by card use: If you use a Nymeo Debit Card to make a purchase, the incentive will be deposited into your checking account; if you use a Nymeo Credit Card, the incentive will be deposited into your savings account.

Can you opt-out of Nymeo Offers?

Yes. You have the option to opt-out of receiving future offers and communications from Nymeo Offers when you receive your offer.

What happens if you close your account(s) before receiving an incentive?

If you choose to close your account(s) prior to receiving an incentive from Nymeo Offers, you forfeit any earnings. You also forfeit earnings if you decide to return your purchase.

What are the benefits of Nymeo Offers?
-Personalized offers from popular retailers where you shop
-Earn cash-back
-No enrollment required
-No coupons or codes
-Offers available for limited time only. Please see the details of each offer for their expiration date.
-Just use your Nymeo card(s)

Who do I contact if I have questions:

If you have questions about this program, we are happy to answer them! You may email info@nymeo.org, call 855-436-4100 or send us a secure text from our website.

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