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Get Ready to Shop July 9, 2024

Amazon Prime Day is right around the corner! This year, the big event will kick off at 12:01 AM PDT on Tuesday, July 16th, and run through Wednesday, July 17th. Whether you’re gearing up for holiday shopping or looking to snag great deals, here are tips to make the most of Prime Day:

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Join Amazon Prime!

Prime Day deals are exclusively for Amazon Prime members. If you’re not a member yet, consider signing up for the 30-day free trial right before Prime Day. You can also ask a family member with an Amazon Prime account to add you to their Amazon Household.

Compare Prices

While Amazon will have numerous deals, don't forget that other retailers like Target and Walmart will also have special sales during this time. Check these sites to ensure you're getting the best prices on your desired products.

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Set a Budget and Stick to It

Create a budget before you start shopping to avoid overspending. If you’re doing early holiday shopping, consider combining your Prime Day and holiday shopping budgets.

Shop Early

The best deals often sell out quickly, so start shopping as soon as Prime Day begins. Make a list of what you want and prioritize those items.

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Use the Amazon App for Mobile Purchases

Amazon’s app is user-friendly and offers additional features like deal alerts. It's a great way to shop on the go and keep track of the best deals.

Choose a Good Credit Card (hint, hint - Nymeo’s Credit Cards!)

Make sure to use a credit card that either offers a low interest rate or rewards you for purchases to maximize your savings. Connect your credit card or debit card to your Amazon account for a smooth and seamless checkout process.

Don’t Miss Out!

Remember, Prime Day offers are time-sensitive, so make sure to act fast. Happy shopping, and don’t forget to add your Nymeo cards to your wallet and Amazon account.

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