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How to Fall in Love with Your Money February 14, 2023

Are you curious how your personality shapes the financial decisions you make daily? Our money personality is our viewpoint on the way money should be handled.  This viewpoint shapes our money behaviors and habits, which impact the financial decisions we make.

Understanding your money personality is important right now.  We’re experiencing a changing economy, rising inflation and uncertainty.  The actions you take with your finances and the emotions you’re feeling are normal and understanding them can help change the way you think about money.

Nymeo’s partners at GreenPath Financial Wellness present an educational webinar that addresses how embracing your money personality can positively shape your spending and saving habits in the year ahead. 

Who Should Watch?

  • Anyone who wants to understand their emotions around money
  • Anyone who wants practical tips and strategies to handle their finances based on their money personality
  • Anyone who wants to better understand why others spend the way they do

What You Will Learn:

  • How your money personality impacts the financial decisions you make
  • The ways your feelings around money can trigger emotions like fear, anxiety, and happiness
  • Opportunities to leverage your emotions around money to change the way you spend, save and work towards your financial goals
Guy with laptop watching money fall

How to Fall in Love with Your Money


Presented by:
Jessica Jennings, GreenPath Partner Experience Specialist and JoVaughn Lassiter, GreenPath Security Analyst

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