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Make Saving Money Fun for Kids! By Nymeo April 5, 2022

April is Youth Financial Literacy Month and a great time to encourage youth to develop healthy saving and spending habits. Did you know that Nymeo provides free access to multiple financial education sites? These sites, categorized by age, teach financial literacy through games, blogs, podcasts, videos, downloads, and easy-to-use financial calculators! Check them out below and also available at Nymeo.org, under the Financial Resources tab.

Early Bird and Savings Club: Elementary School

This site is created for children ages 6 to 10 and teaches them about earning, saving, spending, and borrowing. 

iCount: Middle School

The site encourages Teens to think about money matters when it comes to spending and how to be savvy with money management.

It’s Your Life: High School

This site offers more information with money management and covers budgeting, saving money, spending, planning, keeping track of finances, and what loans are.

Credit Unions Rock: Young Adults

This site was developed to help young adults, college age and older, make smart financial decisions as they start their lives. It covers topics such as applying for a job, budgeting, using a checking account, managing credit, investments, and touches on what a credit union is.


April is Youth Financial Literacy Month and Credit Union Youth Month!

Open a Youth Account at Nymeo in April and Get a Free Children’s Book!*

When you open a youth savings account in April, you will receive a signed copy of M is for Money , a book for young children, written by Frederick County teacher, author and Nymeo member Robert Phelan. Stop by a Nymeo branch open a youth account today!


*While supplies last. One book per household. Youth account must be opened in April 2022. Special subject to change without notice. Books must be picked up at a branch location.

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