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Top 10 Home Design & Improvement Trends March 15, 2022

According to, there are definite design and home improvement trends this year. Some trends are decorative, and others require getting your tools out or the help of a contractor. Check them out!

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Vintage and craft furniture


The shortage of ordinary household goods and building supplies has affected us all in one way or another. With supply chain issues and shipping waits stretching to months, many homeowners are turning toward vintage items. This in turn means that people are moving away from big, boxed stores and are shopping at second-hand stores, yard sales and antique shops.  

Houseplants and greenery


With more people working from home, people are looking for ways to connect with nature in our work areas. Whether displayed in homemade pots or macramé hangers, plants are making a comeback.

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No curtains


Heavy draperies, color roller shades, and blinds are out, and light is in. A trend is leaving out window coverings, giving rooms a natural look. New construction will see a push toward larger windows and lots of extra light sources throughout the home. 

Pet-focused design


Because pet adoption has increased since the Pandemic, homeowners are also focusing on areas just for their furry friends. Homes in 2022 will be centrally focused on incorporating pet food dishes and water taps into the millwork, washing stations with ramps in mudrooms, and even custom pet beds.

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Eclectic light fixtures

One of the easiest ways to give any room a face-lift is with a new light fixture. The light fixture has become a focal point and can easily be changed and updated.  

Smarter kitchen storage solutions


Deep pull-out drawers for pots, pans, and large bowls are big trends this year. Homeowners are cooking more and need the space for kitchen appliances and gadgets.

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Woven furniture and accessories

Bringing the outside into our homes is a trend that will stay. Woven and wicker furniture has made its way into kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, and more. From artisan baskets to light fixtures, the woven element has taken the design world by storm and not just for the front porch anymore. 

Upgraded laundry rooms and pantries


We spend a lot of time doing laundry and pulling items out of our pantries. The trend this year is focusing on these areas of the house. The trend in laundry rooms include built-in storage, slide-out drying racks, washing machines and dryers built into colorful millwork, wallpaper, high-end faucets and sinks, and ambient lighting.

For pantries, the trend is on organizing food and cookware storage.

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Laminate vinyl plank floor

Redoing your floors can be exorbitantly expensive. But in 2022, folks have caught on to a much cheaper option that looks just as rich as tile or real hardwood: laminate vinyl plank flooring, often less expensive than carpeting too.  

Dedicated home theater space


We all like binge watching, and it is not surprising that updating or building a theatre are top trends this year. Homeowners are turning the basement or an unused room into stylish cinematic lounges, complete with plush, deep-seated sofas.

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