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Secure Home Devices July 12, 2022

We all have technical gadgets at home now. With so many people using an assortment of smart devices in their homes, it is even more important to assure they are secured. A big reason is these devices connect directly to the Internet and may collect and share your data.

Here are Common Tips to Secure Your Devices at Home

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Protect Your Home Network


Because smart devices are connecting to your home's Wi-Fi, this makes it imperative to secure it properly. If you do not have a password on your home Wi-Fi, continuing to use a default password or a weak password, you risk exposing all your devices to criminals. This is the digital equivalent of leaving your door unlocked and welcoming thieves! 

Make Sure You Set Security Settings


Don’t forget to set the security and privacy settings when you get your new smart device. Most devices have a default setting – don’t continue to use those standard settings; instead, make sure you change them when first installing your device.

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Change Passwords & Usernames


Aside from making sure you set proper settings, make sure any smart devices you buy allow you to create passwords and not force you to use a default username and password. Be sure to use a unique password for each of your smart devices. 

Disable Unused Features


Take time to learn about your device. Disable features you don’t need, such as location tracking. Does your new device or app really need to know where you are?

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Update New Software Releases Immediately or Automatically

Keep updates current on your device. There may be a patch that adds security or addresses issues that could affect the security of the program or your device. Make sure you update all software as soon as a new release comes out. If you are not sure if you have the most recent updates, be sure to check their websites regularly. 

Think About Where You Are Placing The Device


Your device may come with listening capabilities and cameras, so it's important to place them in your home strategically. For example, you may not want to put these devices in areas where important or private conversations occur, such as sharing passwords or financial information.

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Know Your Brand And Reputation

Do research before you purchase the smart device. Good companies want to protect your privacy and the infrastructure to back it up. Therefore, chances are they use better security measures. This also means they will release software updates and address issues quickly and efficiently. 

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