We have verified that the 'Heartbleed' security vulnerability is not applicable to Nymeo’s online banking.
Our mobile application is also safe. As always our members' security is our top priority.

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Club Accounts

Still paying the credit card bills from Christmas, or even last summer's vacation? We know it's tough to save for something that's months away, and Nymeo is here to help. Planning ahead for that big vacation or the Big Gift is easy when you put your money into one of our Club Accounts! Whether it's a Vacation Club Account to save up for a week on the beach or a Holiday Club Account to get the money to buy your friends and family that special gift you know they'll love, opening a Club Account just makes sense.

  • $5 minimum balance required
  • Make deposits at any time, at any Nymeo branch, or through My Nymeo Online Banking
  • Automatic payroll deposits available
  • For Holiday Accounts, disbursement arrives in early November
  • For Vacation Accounts, disbursement arrives in mid-May
  • For Combination Accounts, disbursements are mid-May and early November
  • Penalty for early withdrawal before scheduled disbursement date

Come see one of our friendly Branch Tellers or Member Service Representatives today, and start saving for tomorrow! If you prefer, you may open your Club Account through My Nymeo Online Banking.

Give Your Club Account A Nice Boost With Help From Uncle Sam
If you like, you can choose to have your tax refund directly deposited into more than one account by using IRS Form 8888. This way, you can take some of your refund and buy yourself something nice, and still put something away for this year's big events!

Click here to download IRS Form 8888


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