Translating Vision Into Reality 

The leadership team provides insight, guidance, governance and solutions to transform Nymeo's vision, the only financial partner our members need, into reality. 

Board of Directors

  • Charles W. C. Yancey, Chair
  • Jeanice Brown Thomas, Vice Chair
  • Dr. Gloria Solomon, Treasurer
  • Elizabeth Duffy, Secretary
  • Richard Allen, Board Member
  • Edward Brown, Board Member
  • Isaac Yoon, Board Member
  • Michael Conroy, Board Member
  • Scott Emerick, Board Member

Executive Management Team

  • Victoria M. Johnston, President & Chief Executive Officer
  • Kristina Morgan, Chief Operations Officer
  • Ed Connelly, Chief Financial Officer
  • Jason Ambrose, Chief Lending Officer
  • Greg Bowman, Chief Technology Officer

Supervisory Committee

  • Richard Allen, Board Member
  • Cita Furlani, Member
  • Debra Williams, Member
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